Crazy Hour

Crazy hour has become one of the main elements at parties to make guests interact and to have an unforgettable experience

Matice´s  crazy hour is beign permanently reinvented, and with a profesional quality staff, we make our crazy hour something more than the mere bustle, it becomes a magical moment of intense joy in which our dancers transcend and communicate with their bodies harmony of movement and expression that takes your celebration to a different level

our cast is permanently beign selected based on physical stetics, corporal beauty, elegance of movement, communication abilities, joy, carisma, empathy, leadership, ability to relate with the public, all elements that will ultimately make your guests willing to participate

Matices makes people enter a fantasy world in which there´s no need to travel to rio de janeiro, new Orleans, hawaii or Barranquilla to enjoy the spectacular carnivals from these wonderful cities, and your guests get carried away by the colorful and lavish clothing, the joy of the music and the sensuous movements of dancers